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Dewa Athena IX

Hello Friends,it’s been a long time i’ve never had update this blog.
So especially for this moment i would like to tell you about my experience that held on last Saturday.Actually those event is called Dewa Athena IX.
Dewa Athena is annual sport week event for tenth and eleventh grade of SMAN 3 Bandung,this event is held from 23-25 of march and 1&8 of april.So,many categories are offered in this event such as double badminton,football sala,basketball,volley ball,estafet run,dodge ball,and gobak sodor.

The first game was running,my class sent 4 person to play with,but unfortunately my class was loss,there was funny incident when aira was fell into the ground.Actually i just following badminton,football sala,and gobak sodor.For your information gobak sodor is a traditional game from indonesia,there is two team of this game,the first one is offence team and the second one is deffence team.My class is agains acceleration class,for the first round my class is offence team,the players are …
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Crossword Puzzle

Across question:
1.First planet on solar system ? 2.Zn on periodic table stands for ? 3.creator of the universe ? 4.hole of earth ? of vegetable that use for make a food (omelette) ? 6.opposite of east ? 7.Rb on periodic table stands for ? 8.if someone want to ask so there will be? 9.thing that useful when the weather is hot ? 10.synonym of whether ? 11.v3 from see ? 12.antonym of good ? 13.something that bring the characteristic of someone ?
Down question:
1.shape that 6 side ? 2.less than one ? 3.something that make human caught,It can be dead people ? 4.something that we give to bellboy ? 5.fever and cough ? 6.when some agree with the price ? 7.something that almost never appear ? 8.Disc jockey ? 9.the fourth planet in the solar system ? 10.leader of the school ? 11.when someone doing something perfectly,so audience will give ? 12.stock of the seller ? 13.the synonym of sorrowful ? 14.synonym of trash/rubbish ? 15.opposite of bottom ? 16.the interesting person in birthday pa…

Essay About Nature

Name : Faishal Zharfan Absent : 11 LM Wednesday Learning From Nature    Nature is the everything around us, anything that we need, anything that we avoid, even nature can give us more than we ever wondered. nature is a grace from god. God give us trust so we need to keep it. Nature it is not only important for human, but it is also for living things. Now from nature we can learn everything that we don’t get it in the formal school. There is 4 main topics that we learn from nature. The first is what is the components of the nature, the second is what is the meaning of ecosystem, the third is what is the benefit that we can get from nature, and the last is what is the loss that nature give to us.    First, what is the components of the nature. Well actually there is two main components of the nature, it is plant and animal. Animal is living thing that have feeling. There are many kind of animal all of the world. Human can hunt them whenever they wanted to. Not only hunt, human also can learn…


My thanks to my cousins
Hello friends It’s been a long time I’ve never update this blog. Especially for today I would like to tell you about something special….:) Okay, today I would give thanks to all of person who have been helping me whether I’m feeling sad, down, or maybe depression:                                                                    My cousins Actually last Saturday, there was a family gathering.i was happy because I can have friend to play with except my brother. we were doing some amazing thing such as playing game, help our parents, and playing a dart. That was amazing because i've never my nephews since i was high school.
here's my appreciation
my cousins you know since i was senior high school,we have never meet each other.Last saturday we were met in a family gathering. I was happy because we can do anything like when we were child.Thank you because you make me happy again.

Your cousins
   Faishal zharfan

my last holiday

hello guys,it's been a long time i've never update this blog.

especially for today i would like to tell you about my holiday,please enjoy it!

On tuesday,27th december 2016,my big family and i went to pangandaran.Actually my parents weren't following us when we went to pangandaran because they had to work on that day.

Firstly we had visited my cousin house in kalipucang for taking a rest after a long trip because we arrived at 02.00 am.After that i slept and woke up at 06.00 am and eat my breakfast.
So after eat my breakfast,i took a bath.
So at 08.00 am we went to pangandaran,but actually we weren't directed to pangandaran beach,but we went to batu karas beach first.

As you can see,the beach is so beautiful,this place is good for surfing because the waves is big enough,many tourist are come to this place.

So after playing with the sand,we were directed to pangandaran beach for check in for the bungallow at 12.00 pm.After it my cousins,my brother,and also myself were go…

Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel Alfred Nobel was born on 21st october 1833,in Stockholm,Sweden.
His father was Immanuel Nobel, a self-made engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur who had been formally schooled only to the age of 14. His mother was Andriette Ahlsell, an accountant’s daughter.
Although at first Immanuel Nobel’s business prospered, by the time Alfred was born, his father was bankrupt. A series of business misfortunes followed by the family home burning to the ground had left the family penniless.
Alfred was their fourth-born child and barely survived his first few days. He suffered ill-health for most of his life. Alfred’s mother and her sickly son formed a strong bond through the years of constant care she gave him during his frequent illnesses.
Nobel had an extraordinarily innovative mind, from which new ideas poured.
His genius was bolstered by steely determination to succeed and a huge capacity for hard work. These were driven by bitter memories of the poverty his family endured when he …


Owl is belonging into 
Kingdom of animals,phylum of chordata,and class of aves.
Owl is a carnivore bird which means they are only eat meat as their food.owl is bird of prey which means they are hunting their food with their abilities or special abilities.owl is large,they have round head,their fur is smoother than the other bird.they are can hunting their food quickly and quietly because their fur.owl can rotate their neck until 270° 

In many cultures the owl is a sacred animal and one that humans don’t bother very much. Yet there are plenty of locations out there where their natural habitat continues to be taken away for humans to use that area for something else. As a result it has reduced the overall population of many species drastically.
This is why some species of owls are in jeopardy of becoming extinct. This is also why there are plenty of conservation efforts in place. The goal is to educate people about the needs of owls as well as their natural habitat. The hope is that by doin…